We are an upstate NY couple creating art, furniture and a lifestyle of design, enjoy our unique presentation of paintings on reclaimed wooden boards.

Gigi Begin's artwork is created in collaboration with her husband and business partner, John Begin, a woodworker and designer of fine art furniture who collects and re-purposes the rustic wood boards which become the canvases for her paintings. Old post-and-beams, barn boards, scraps from the lumber milling process or an old door might find their way into her art as John seeks out pieces with just the right amount of checks, cracks, knots, tool marks, stains and heft to bring charm and warmth to the finished piece.

Selected boards are specially prepared by John and then handed over to Gigi to create the imagery. Inspiration for Gigi's paintings often comes from the board itself – its shape or size might spark an idea. But the artist also keeps ideas in a sketchpad, a practice she acquired during her years as a clothing designer in New York's fashion industry. An interesting pencil thumbnail will be enlarged and elaborated into a full-color work of art, showcasing her sensibility for design, color, seasons and trends cultivated from her former career.

Gigi then carefully begins to paint directly on the board, allowing the natural charm of the wood to shine through as her subject and the written word playfully interact. The calligraphy is hand-painted. Hanging hardware is professionally mounted by John, whose background in carpentry guarantees a quality product.

Each piece is original, signed and dated by the artist. Many of Gigi Begin's pieces are also available as fine art prints, with careful attention paid to maintaining the integrity of the unique artistry of her original paintings.

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